You Work With Your Husband??


First blog, star date 2013—here goes…so, I was thinking about what people say to me all the time when I introduce my husband and I as a team.   “How can you do that? I would kill my husband”.  Well, truth is, it’s always been easy for us but we’ve learned that the one most passionate wins in a difference of opinion.  And also, whoever’s best at what they do, does.

Weddings are a good example.  So it’s obvious, I go with the girls, he with the guys, he gets the details and then I say “did you get the earrings?” and he says “no, where?”   He shoots the group shots; I help with the line up.  There’s always that great shot of my butt while he’s testing the lighting and my back is to the camera.  I should find all those, put them side by side, and see how my weight fluctuates over the years. Or which pants NOT to wear at a wedding.  He’s at the back of the church, I’m in the front.  Every time during the ceremony, he looks at me and I look at him and we renew our vows again.   Unless they are speaking in Latin, then we just look at each other.

We realize how lucky we are, to do what we do, with each other.  Saturday will be 10 years of marriage, 11 years in business and I am happy to say no mountains have been climbed, just life bumps.  Married on a cliff in Tahoe with our kids in tow, trying to keep our two year old from going off the side.   Our seven year old had the camera and got some good shots of the back of us, and the foliage. You see people; this is why it’s so important to hire a photographer for your wedding photos!  But for work, we found our places early on and stayed there.  For things we are both not good at, we seek outside assistance, taxes, book keeping, yikes!

What I’ve learned, now that I’m 50, uggh, is that some things just aren’t worth it.  Life is too short to make things such a big deal—unless, of course, they are.  It helps to laugh together.  It helps to delete the butt shots in the edit.